Our founder, Kelly Konzelman, has been involved in restoring properties affected by water and fire damage since 1980.  Having over 34 years of insurance restoration experience, along with insurance industry connections is a major advantage when hiring Renewable Builders to restore your fire or water damaged property.   

Beware of contractors brought in or “referred” by your insurance carrier.  Many times they submit incomplete estimates just to be low bidder on the job.  This is a common ploy in the insurance restoration industry.  A low initial bid is submitted in an attempt to lock-up the job, only to be followed by “supplemental billings” to address items supposedly overlooked or “missed” in the original estimate.  After these “missing” items are added in, the insurance company's contractor's final billing usually exceeds the cost of those contractors who bid the job correctly.

Because Renewable Builders does NOT work directly for any insurance carrier, we are 100% independent.  Our loyalty is to YOU our customer, not to any insurance company.  You can have confidence that our estimates and scope of work will be complete, accurate and our recommendations unbiased.  

From emergency services, board-up, dry-down and remediation to complete structural rebuilding and restoration, Renewable Builders has the experience, expertise and know-how to deal with your insurance adjuster, and to make certain that your property is restored to its pre-loss condition with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

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